Tunisian dance workshop – Beyrouth

A 3 day workshop with the Tuinsian dancer & Choreographer Rochdi Begasmi, on the 23rd, 24th & 25th of September 2016 at Metro Al Madina.

Artist presentation:
Rochdi BELGASMI, Dancer and choreographer, is a leading figure of the Tunisian contemporary dance. Post Revolutionary Artist, Rochdi BELGASMI is attached to and concerned by the news of the dance in Tunisia after January 14, as well as its history, which he tries to be a witness. Since then, he is looking for an alternative language beyond fashion, a language which we cleverly exploit in the contemporary dance thinking process to work on the local dances.
By querying the corpus of the contemporary dance in Tunisia, Rochdi Belgasmi decided to go to the popular dances to develop choreographic work with a very personal gesture of focusing on his basin. After performing several pieces of him in which he dances such as Trance, Zoufri, Wa Idha Aassayatom, and other choreography shows like El Mansia El Zaglama, or Striptease, in which he addresses known figures in the Tunisian popular dance, such as « Zina wa Aziza « , « Aicha wa Mamia « , « Zohra Lambouba », « Bahria », « Khira », « Laghbabi » etc…. Tunisian celebrities, Rochdi BELGASMI decides today to move towards less known figures or which have fallen into oblivion or have been discarded and rejected by the society because of their way of dancing, like « OUELD JALEBA » which will be the subject of his next choreography work.

The workshop gives you the opportunity to travel through popular music and steps dance in Tunisia.
It shows face of Tunisia that you might not know.
The objective of this workshop is to offer to those who are amateurs of dance the pleasure of a community dance practice through forms inherited from the past.
It gives the privileges of a high quality of movements that reflected a historical, ethnic and pedagogical order.

– Program :
September 23th (Techniques and rhythm)1: 10am- 2pm
September 24th 2016 (Techniques and rhythm)2: 10am-2pm
September 25th 2016: (improvisation and choreography):10am-2pm
workshop fee: 120$
To register to the workshop, kindly send and email to:
[email protected]

Metro Al Madina
Hamra, Saroulla Building(-2)
Instagram/Facebook/twitter: MetroAlMadina
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Ticketing Phone: +961-76309363 (Mondays to Saturdays: 10 to 9 pm, Sundays: 2 to 9 pm)



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