I am an image, my body is no longer mine

Je ne suis qu’une image, mon corps ne m’appartient plus
I am just an image, my body is no longer mine

ﺃنا مجرﺩ صورﺓ… جسدﻱ لم يعد ملكي
« Quand mon corps devient un objet de représentation, de manipulation, de soin, d’agression, de construction et de deconstruction, il ne me reste de lui qu’une simple »

« I am an image, my body is no longer mine » is a video-performance that tackles the political image of the male dancing body and its manipulation online. Rochdi inspiration came from the way his photos were circulate, manipulated, and used in many contexts to fuel different arguments on social media networks and the internet. The project focuses on the body as an object of representation, care, aggression, construction, and deconstruction.

Rochdi Balgasmi is a contemporary Tunisian dancer and choreographer. He tends to challenge the social image of a dancing man. Belgasmi believes that dance frees the soul.

A new dance performance supported by Freemuse