What Is The Ideal Modern Dance In Your Mind?

How much do you know about modern dance, come today to talk to you about what modern dance is all about. Modern dance is definitely not a Korean dance and a dance. It can only be regarded as a popular dance, not a waltz, a cowboy dance, a chakra, a samba, etc. It is a national standard or a sports dance.

What Is The Ideal Modern Dance In Your Mind?

In modern dance, it is “anti-ballet”, which was created by a female dancer in the United States in the early 20th century. At that time, the classical ballet popular in the world was mainly based on leg training, emphasizing elegance, rotation, jumping, and emphasizing overcoming. Gravity, but often the upper limbs are more rigid, and traditional Chinese dances such as folk dances, folk dances, and classical dances are called “Chinese dances”. They emphasize the upper limbs, emphasize the body rhyme, and the so-called blanket skills. Turning, turning, professionally called “martial arts”, so the ballet’s basic training (basic training) is the best dance training method in the world by adding pole and intermediate training to the training of upper limbs in Chinese dance.

As for modern dance, modern development is relatively rapid. It is anti-gravity, emphasizes ground movements, emphasizes breathing, and more importantly emphasizes the dancer’s own inner feelings and thoughts. Some are close to performance art, so it is difficult for modern dance works. understanding. Everyone can dance modern dance, but it doesn’t necessarily produce good works. It also emphasizes the professionalism and quality of the dancers themselves.

Foreign countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia have very good modern dance groups. The Lausanne Bega Modern Ballet is a great group. It is a super-class group founded by modern dance master Maurice Beja. As for the best in the country, it should be the Hong Kong City Modern Dance Company. It was founded by Hong Kong citizen Cao Chengyuan in 79. The 80-generation generation of the person has developed in the mainland since then. He is currently the artistic director of the Beijing Modern Dance Company established in 1995.

What Is The Ideal Modern Dance In Your Mind?

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