What are the contents of children’s dance training? What are the classifications?

Have you reported a child dance for your child? If you want to sign up for your child’s dance class, then I think you should pay attention to the following content. You can learn about the training content and classification of children’s dance through the following content, so that you can better understand the children’s dance. Happening.

What are the contents of children's dance training? What are the classifications?

Dance is a comprehensive art that integrates music, form and emotion. It can develop children’s minds, cultivate noble sentiments, enhance brain vitality, promote physical health, and cultivate aesthetic ability. First, the basic points of attention in the development of children’s dance skills should adhere to the following three principles:

First, ground exercise and appropriate skill training should be added to strengthen the physical fitness of the child, exercise the muscle ability of various parts of the child’s body and the flexibility and flexibility of the joint. Appropriate emphasis on certain techniques, skill difficulty, attention to training the opening of the shoulder, chest, waist, softness, strength, ankle, knee opening, ankle, strength and flexibility of the instep.

Second, the content of the dance must be clearly ideological and educational. Through dance as a bridge and an intermediary, things that children can’t fully understand for a moment, are printed into the hearts of young children with beautiful melodies and various dance moves.

Third, the training of 5-6 years old children’s dance ability should be highlighted by the teaching of people, focusing on individual training. Reduce the difficulty of movement for young children with weak ability, take certain methods for children with strong ability (such as participating in dance interest activities, etc.), and appropriately increase the difficulty of movement, so that the dance ability of children with two different ability levels can be improved and development of

Children’s dance is divided into two categories:

First, self-entertainment children’s dance is mainly entertainment, and common in entertainment are: children’s rhythm, children’s song performance, group dance, music games.
(1), children’s rhythm: divided into life rhythm and animal rhythm, refers to music and rhythm accompaniment, based on body movements, rhythm-centered music activities, requires a strong sense of rhythm, simple action image

(2 ), children’s song performance: When the children are singing, they are accompanied by vivid movements, and they express their emotions together with sound and form. Their characteristics are mainly songs, supplemented by movements, and expressed in simple movements. You can sit on a stool and circle it all around, or you can stand and jump.
(3), children’s group dance: is a form of song and dance for group entertainment. It is combined with a defined formation and movement, and the participants are paired. The group dance is divided into invitation dance, lap dance and double circle group dance. It can cultivate an emotional literary and collective consciousness between young children, achieve mutual understanding, unite and love the purpose (4), children’s music games: through interesting physical activities, accompanied by music or songs The purpose of the regular game activities is to improve the children’s sensibility and expressiveness to music, cultivate a sense of rhythm, and develop the imagination and creativity of young children.

Second, performing children’s dance refers to the stage art works that the editors reflect on the children’s life through the observation of the children’s life and the artistic processing and refining.
(1), the dance of the dance: such as the children’s dance “forward” through a group of lively and lovely children, lifting the legs, swinging the shoulders, twisting the waist and other movements to show that the fighting spirit of high spirits, struggling upwards.
(2), plot dance: such as “Jinggangshan under the pumpkin” shows a group of Miao children go up the mountain to dig the ground, the scene of planting the land later through the labor to produce a big pumpkin, the children happy to jump around the pumpkin, to cultivate children love The good character of labor.

The above is the knowledge of children’s dance that the small editors share today. If you want to know more about dance, please continue to follow us: https://rochdibelgasmi.com .

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