The charm of exciting Chinese modern dance

First of all, I think the expression of emotion has become the main line throughout modern dance.

The charm of exciting Chinese modern dance

In recent years, the creators of modern dance have paid more and more attention to the expression and grasp of emotion in their works, and the interscafort of the emotional factors has given the real vitality of modern dance. As a literary and artistic phenomenon , modern dance has also attracted the attention of the Chinese dance community in recent years , and the study of modern dance is also beginning . Analysis, the reason why modern dance in China to form a boom, in addition to some objective reasons, there are some own reasons, mainly: First, it is more in line with the law of human movement. That is to say, it is more in line with the basic rhythm of human movement, rhythm and motivation, so that the dancer’s body parts more in line with the laws of natural movement, eliminate restraint and tension, more prominent performance of nature and line beauty. Secondly, it has more opportunities to express people’s emotions and express people’s inner world, the deepest emotions in the hearts of the people to dig out, so that dance with the mood and change freely.

Expressing the impulse of the human mind becomes the best means to express the spiritual world. It is the best form of action from nature, and the melody of nature echoes, it can be from the leaves fluttering, clouds, waves, machine movement, space universe, in the search for human self-feeling, to convey the human creative consciousness.

Finally, more organic and music to achieve integration and unity, music for the heart of dance, dance for music, music development to today, rhythm, sound are rapidly changing, so it may arouse the dance of the mind, stir the performers themselves and viewers of the resonance. In modern dance, dance content, dance action and real life are very close, and are powerful weapons to reflect the contemporary people’s thoughts and feelings, psychological characteristics and the whole society. Modern dance makes our country’s deep-rooted ideas affected and changed, so that the cessation of the former has some consciousness and innovation.

It enriches the Chinese dance art and adds a new flower to the Chinese stage. Modern dance is an art form that develops with the times and is close to the times. It has a vigorous, unstoppable vitality, the most able to express the modern people’s thoughts and feelings, dance and people’s real life linked together, can fully show the new era of people’s spiritual outlook.

The charm of exciting Chinese modern dance

China’s development needs modern dance, modern dance and China’s national character to combine to express the pulse of contemporary Chinese people, better serve the construction of spiritual civilization.

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