How To Choose Children’s Dance Costume Correctly? You Must Watch!

Clothing is a must-have item for everyone. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for clothing, food, housing and transportation are getting higher and higher, and clothing is one of the important contents. Now people have a new pursuit of the design of clothing, and the design concept of clothing has also changed, so it is necessary to reform the teaching of clothing design. So how should children’s dance costume be selected?

How To Choose Children's Dance Costume Correctly? You Must Watch!

Children are lively, active, and have no awareness of protecting clothes, so the fabric should be strong, durable, and not easily damaged. Children’s exercise is large and the skin sensitivity is high. When customizing children’s dance costume , it is necessary to fully consider the wearing comfort of the clothes and the quick moisture wicking function of the fabrics. It is recommended to recommend some soft and elastic garments such as cotton, silk and wool. The clothes made of other ingredients are not only comfortable and natural, but also can greatly express the purity and spirituality of the child, and give people a feeling of elegance and intelligence.

When choosing children’s dance costume, we must consider the color of children’s dance costume, and comfort is also a very important factor. Children are weak and have poor resistance. As the second layer of skin for children, the environmental protection of children’s wear is especially problematic. Important, so when purchasing children’s clothing, children’s physiological characteristics should be fully considered. To reflect softness, breathability, comfort, safety and health, it must be adapted to the needs of dance performance to the maximum extent, that is, light and fit, stretchable, and can be applied to various ranges. Actions. Some garments designed for a particular dance use special structures and materials, such as streamers, veil, etc., to create momentum.

How To Choose Children's Dance Costume Correctly? You Must Watch!

In the process of designing children’s dance costume, we need to grasp the style of children’s stage performances and the style of children’s stage art display. They not only design artistic styles for children from styles, but also need to obtain artistic representations from traditional dance costume design features. This allows the design style of a children’s dance costume to establish more custom styles of dance costume with artistic representation for the design of the new stage costume.

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