Do You Know What Modern Dance Includes?

Do you know what types of modern dances are there? How much do you know about them? Today, I will share with you the type of modern dance and hope to help you!

Do You Know What Modern Dance Includes?

What kinds of dances does modern dance include? Professional dance, classical dance, ballet, folk dance, folk dance, modern tap dance, jazz dance. International standard ballroom dance: Latin dance (rumba, samba, bullfighting, cowboy); modern dance (waltz, viennese waltz, etc.); according to the form of dance, it can be divided into solo dance, double dance, triple dance, group dance, song and dance , opera and dance drama. The solo dance is a dance performed by a person to complete the theme. It is mainly used to directly express the thoughts and emotions of the characters and reveal their inner world. The two dancers performed together to complete the theme of the dance. It is mainly used to directly express the thoughts and feelings of the characters and to express the relationship between the characters.

Modern dance is a type of dance that began in the West in the early 20th century and is opposite to classical ballet. Its main aesthetic point of view is against the formalism tendency of classical ballet, in line with the usual practice, divorce from real life, and simply pursue skills. It advocates getting rid of the rigid sports model of classical ballet, freely expressing true emotions according to the laws of natural movement, and emphasizes that dance art should reflect modern social life.

At the end of the 19th century, the trend of European classical ballet pursuit of form and skill became more and more serious, which not only affected the development of the entire dance art, but also hindered its own development. Contents and themes still exist in myths and legends, within the scope of princes and princesses, and the distance from real life is growing, which has become a huge obstacle to the dance reflecting the real life of society. It was in this crisis that modern dance came into being.

Do You Know What Modern Dance Includes?

Modern dance is actually a hip-hop dance. Hip hop is a jazz dance. Jazz and modern dance are completely different concepts. In other words, they do not belong to the same dance. Hip hop is the product of jazz dance to the development of the 1990s. Its movements consist of a variety of walks, runs and dances, which are very varied. Through the flexion and extension of the joints of the head, neck, shoulders, upper limbs, torso, etc., rotation, winding, swinging, wave twisting, etc., each movement has its own specific fitness effect, not only pay attention to the coordinated limbs of the upper Exercise with the lower limbs, abdomen and back, head and torso, but also pay attention to independence.

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