Do You Know The Strict Requirements Of Latin Children’s Dance Costumes?

Nowadays, Children and adults will choose to dance Latin dance to enhance their temperament. Dynamic music and charming dance are all beautiful scenery, but the exquisite clothing can bring unexpected visual effects. The following is mainly for you. Introduce the requirements of children’s dance costumes for Latin dance!

Do You Know The Strict Requirements Of Latin Children's Dance Costumes?

Latin children dance costumes are simple and simple as the basic elements. Too gorgeous costumes will cause dislike of the referee and the audience. Girls under the age of 14 are not only strictly obeying the requirements, but Latin costumes also need to follow the rules below. During the competition, girls under the age of 14 are not allowed to wear mesh tights, wear half-high heels or stilettos under 5cm, and no jewellery. For girls under the age of 10, you should not wear tight-fitting tights with mesh, and wear heel shoes with a heel of no more than 3.5cm.

Latin children’s dance costumes should not be exposed to the waist or the skirt is too short. The child’s body has not yet developed, and wearing the exposed clothes will not make people feel sexy, or avoid such weird dressing, arms and legs exposed, it is enough for others to see her movements. Underwear-style clothing, short blouses, skirts that are less than 10cm on the knees should be cleared out of the wardrobe in time.

Feathers and beads do not appear. Olive oil and nail polish are also prohibited. The headgear and the armband are mostly shiny materials, and are also the favorite decoration for the little girls, but they should not be the same as the material requirements for children’s dance clothing. Feathers and beads should not appear in any part of the body. Olive oil and nail polish are easy to cause harm to the body and are too mature for children .

Do You Know The Strict Requirements Of Latin Children's Dance Costumes?

Sequins and bright diamonds, or metal-like luminescent materials do not appear on girls.Glittering fabrics are forbidden to appear on children under the age of 14, including large and small sequins, fabrics with wire, and imitation diamonds. When using a transparent material, it is necessary to wear an opaque cloth. Latin children’s dance clothes under the age of 10 need to be simpler, without trim.

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