Do You Know The Relationship Between Modern Dance And Ballet?

At the end of the 19th century, classical ballet began to decline, and the unchanging movement traditions and stereotypes made the dance alive and noble. People are also anxious to break the bondage of the human body since the Middle Ages; whether it is an ideological concept or a norm of behavior, a revolution is needed to liberate the body and pursue freedom. In the embarrassment brought about by the industrial revolution, artists are keen to return to nature, pastoral and ancient culture to find a sensible real and human power. Isadora. The appearance of Duncan set off a revival of a magnificent human culture in the 20th century. She dropped the corset and ballet shoes, put on the Tunik shirt, danced barefoot, inspired by nature and ancient Greek.

Do You Know The Relationship Between Modern Dance And Ballet?

Modern dance in the true sense is not only a physical revival movement, but a new art form and viewpoint. It is based on the creation of a new movement system and action theory, and gradually matures into a human spirit. The original intention is to create a personalized, time-based way of recognizing the world and expressing emotions with body movements. Europe and the United States are generally synchronic and mutually influential in the development of modern dance. And Europe has to go earlier in the time of modern dance. In the 19th century, the germination of modern dance grew from Europe to the United States. Even Duncan, who was born in the United States, was first recognized in Europe. At the time, art and culture followed a European standard. French dramatist and singer Francois. Del Sutter, who created the theory of performance systems, divided human movements into different expressions and became a dramatic gesture. Denise, the first pioneer of American modern dance, was deeply influenced by him and included his system in his own curriculum. Del Sadt’s disciple, Swiss musician Emil. Jacques. Darloz invented the “dance rhythm”. Modern dance everyone Wegman, Youss, Holm studied with him.

“Dance Theater” is not a style, but a state of mind. As she said, “What interests me is not the movements of people, but the connotation of movements.” The unrestrained action vocabulary calmly expresses the truth. The human nature makes the German modern dance more powerful and maintains the attitude of never falling behind. The 20th century is a century in which the human body is fully awakened. Modern dances from the free movements of anti-ballet, to the excavation of emotional motives, to the practice of pure movements, to the massive participation of life movements, to the people, to the dance of life, to act as a messenger to awaken the body, and when When industrial civilization reconstitutes the invisible shackles of human body and mind, modern dance has become a kind of inner necessity of human beings. It highly promotes individual life. People can use their own bodies to complete the power of expression and confession. The desire to feel the existence of the self. From the perspective of modern dance appreciation, it is suitable to adopt a tolerant attitude, which may be an appreciation gesture for all current and contemporary art. The experimental deviant, serious and intractable theme will be as unacceptable as an over-the-top performance art and a non-punctuation novel. Tolerance can accommodate some pseudo-art, but tolerance allows people to try to accept and understand a stranger, a new form.

In modern dance, the audience can appreciate the impact and pleasure of fresh and weird forms of action. You can find special consciousness in the relationship between movement and hearing and visual environment. You can cough loudly, leave early, and modern dance makes you angry, happy and moved. Disgusting, just can’t make you indifferent. Please make your reaction, your actions. The modern dance mentioned here is mainly the main source of Europe and the United States, and the development of modern dance has always been a worldwide topic. Japan’s “dancing”, North Korea, China’s “new dance”, Israel, Australia, Africa and other unique modern dances cannot be covered here, but one can clearly see the modernity of these nations and countries. The survival, development, and growth of the dance ultimately found their own body language and expression in their own lives, times, and cultures. The concept of contemporary dance is gradually replacing modern dance. Contemporary dance is more tolerant and more approachable than modern dance in terms of time and dance. Modern dance has become an intrinsic style. A new generation of dancers needs rebellion and law. Modern dancers have discovered the true meaning of modern dance aesthetic standards contained in “Easy”. “Change” is “normal”, change It is the way to survive, the secret to keeping fresh, and constantly abandoning some existing things in order to achieve self-transcendence.

Do You Know The Relationship Between Modern Dance And Ballet?

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