Chinese Opera Children’s Dance costume Performance Matching Skills!

Since the establishment of the professional culture inheritance and performance team of the opera, the training classroom has strict requirements for the trainees, and according to the stage performance rules, each of the opera culture trainers has been trained in relevant costume dressing knowledge. Then, on the opera stage, the opera performance What are the skills of children’s dance costume?

Chinese Opera Children's Dance costume Performance Matching Skills!

This requires the classification of children’s dance costume management: drama costumes can be divided into “large suitcase”, “two suitcases”, “three suitcases” and “knife gun box” according to the use and type. The opera costumes worn by the characters in the opera are called “large suitcases”. They contain: pleats, plaques, clothes and other related clothing; and the types of clothing contained in the “two suitcases” are: leaning, arrow, and hug Clothing, pants, and other Wusheng costumes; “three suitcases” are used to manage the opera actor’s underwear, collars, boots, shoes, socks, etc., which are collectively referred to as opera costumes. The costumes of the operas are not limited to the types of costumes mentioned above. They also have some costumes, such as knives, guns, arrows, flags and other related accessories. These are the costumes used to dress up the actors on the stage. It is essential. Therefore, the children opera costumes matching has certain skills, and it is also a necessary rule that can help the drama to complete the performance.

In the stage matching of children’s dance costumes, the custom type of opera costumes is very important. On campus drama performance, we generally choose the excerpts or a certain performance according to the type. The costumes and props they need are relatively simple. In order to cultivate children’s overall sense of the performance of the opera, the purchase of drama costumes on campus must be customized according to the type of clothing. Therefore, it is an indispensable factor to find a professional manufacturer of professional opera costumes.

Chinese Opera Children's Dance costume Performance Matching Skills!

After reading the above information, do you know more about children’s dance costume, maybe you will be interested in children’s dance, modern dance!

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